Sellstate PowerSuite

Sellstate PowerSuite powered by kvCORE is the most complete and comprehensive technology package in Real Estate. The platform features an intuitive interface and automation. 

Empower Your Agents & Teams

The most robust lead gen tools on the market help your agents & teams drive new business effectively - no matter their budget. Plus, a personal, private CRM ensures users embrace the platform as their own.

Automate Client Conversion

Put converting contacts into clients on autopilot with AI driven behavioral nurturing, proven to engage 5-10X more leads & sphere of influence contacts. Plus, a top rated Mobile Dialer App to keep your agents doing what they do best - building relationships.

Supercharge Your Brand

Beautifully showcase your brand with high converting IDX websites for your brokerage, teams & agents - customizable at every level! Plus, engage & delight prospects and clients with stunning Market Reports, Listing Alerts and branded digital marketing pieces.

Website & IDX

Powerful custom websites for agents & teams, with real-time IDX home search and mobile app.

Smart CRM

A serious follow-up machine with AI-infused behavioral automation increase lead engagement 5-10X

Listing Tools

Everything you need to promote your listings including mass texting, social media, and reverse prospecting

Marketing Autopilot

Driverless functions + intelligent automation. Real-time property alerts, pre-built smart campaigns, and a mobile dialer.

Lead Generation

Powered by the #1 lead gen system available with 22 lead gen and marketing tools for real estate brokers, teams, and agents

Transaction Integration

Seamless transaction integrations with Dotloop and Skyslope and full lead-to-close analytics

Team Accounts

Seamless and powerful platform add-ons ensure every unique business stays unique. Get all the vetted tools and services you need, all in one place.

Market Place

Seamless and powerful platform add-ons ensure every unique business stays unique. Get all the vetted tools and services you need, all in one place.

Real Estate professionals are becoming increasingly mobile. Sellstate’s system allows you to remain in control of your business whether you are out of the office or traveling the globe. Our single-login, cloud-based Power Suite keeps your leads, tools, and contacts at your fingertips no matter where you are. Enjoy the freedom of being able to grow your business from anywhere in the world.

Power Suite is your virtual assistant 24 hours a day granting you full access to your control panel allowing your business to run remotely.

Sellstate’s innovative Power Suite continues to build your business even when you’re not there. The intelligent virtual office automatically runs in the background creating and nurturing leads while generating income for you. Even while you are spending time away from the office, your clients will continue to receive communication from you addressing their needs in a timely, professional manner.

Power Suite is provided to all our Real Estate Advisors as part of the Sellstate value proposition.

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