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Powerhouse G.A.P ​Strategy


Successful Realtors understand the importance of having a clear roadmap for their business goals, with a strategy and implementation plan for growth and sustainability.  We’ve created a simple, but structured five step process, with tools, methods, and resources for helping our agents create a roadmap to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. 

Real estate agents wear multiple hats and manage various aspects of their business, mostly doing everything independently or with limited resources. At some point, most agents experience burnout because they are laser focused on business growth, and in the process, they forget to enjoy life. Completing a Business Needs Assessment is super important because you will step back to get a holistic view of your business landscape, assessing gaps and opportunities in your business, and then building a business model for growth and a healthy life balance. 

When you think about setting your goals, income is a big part of it, but It’s not everything. Our Productivity Goals should be two-fold, focused on generating more income and more time, ensuring your goals are well defined and achievable. By setting revenue goals, agents lay a solid foundation for strategic thinking and business planning. Think of your goals as endpoint or finish line on your roadmap, which helps you realize you need a plan to get there.

Real Estate Agents are small business owners, who are in business to earn a profit and gain wealth. Without a business plan, it’s easy to get lost in busy work and firefighting. A one-page business plan organizes everything you want to accomplish in one year on a single page. It lays out a roadmap, outlining the goal(s), objectives, and actions steps to achieve your revenue goal. 

Time Blocking is the practice of scheduling specific time slots or blocks of time for related tasks or activities throughout your day.  There’s a big difference between reactively scheduling your workday as opposed to taking a more proactive approach by scheduling time to map out your week with measurable activities, aligned with the goals and objectives in your business plan. Your calendar becomes your daily roadmap, ensuring that the time allocated is not just for work-related tasks, but also for personal activities, self-care, and leisure, ensuring a better work-life balance.

Having an accountability partner can often be the difference maker for agents who have trouble with consistently staying committed to their block schedule. Accountability partners help agents create a productive rhythm, by helping agents direct their focus on what matters most, creating time for activities in a systematic manner until it becomes a habit.

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